20 octobre 2005

French Coed Cup 2005

Quelques photos du week-end...

photos du match Ultimate Vibration (Cergy) Vs. BTR (Toulouse)





Photos du match OUF (Tours) Vs. Friselis (Versailles)





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01 octobre 2005

Back in France

Hey buddies,

so, yes, that's it! I am back in France and my trip in Canada is over. That's sad. I am leaving good friends, a wonderful country and unforgetable memories behind me. But life goes on, and I finaly found what I am going to do this year.

So here is the project: I am doing an internship in Rennes. Well, actually, not in Rennes, but in a Biology station in Paimpont, 50 km from Rennes. It's going to be on bats, on theur life style. But I'll tell you more when I am actually there. Because right now, I am still in Versailles at my parents, and I'll leave this place at the beginning of november...

So you might be wondering where is Rennes, and Where is Paimpont, so a little geography for you guys, thanks to GoogleEarth. So this sis a map of the North West of France. And Paimpont and Renens are written on it


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20 juillet 2005

International Blog

As I am back in France now, and that maybe some canadian people are going to look at this blog sometimes, I decided to write it in english, and not in french anymore. Anyway, english is easy...

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27 juin 2005

c'est la fin...


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17 juin 2005

Dernier tournoi Canadien... Oromocto

Ce soir, je pars pour Oromocto (pres de Fredericton, Nouveau-Brunswick) pour participer a ce qui sera mon dernier tournoi Canadien. J'en ai presque la larme a l'oeil, mias je vise tout de meme le hat trick!

Ca sent vraiment la fin!

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